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For professionals with 6 – 8 years of work experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2016 we have helped over 40,000 professionals create job‑winning CVs for the Middle East+CIS+African Union. job market.

We recommend having your CV evaluated at least once by a CV Expert.

All too often we see job applications fail due to common CV mistakes. Our CV Experts can easily identify problem areas on your CV and provide guidance towards making a great first impression. Remember, employers typically take just 15 seconds to skim through a CV and decide whether to shortlist or reject.

Furthermore, more than 80% of employers use online applicant tracking systems to pre-filter job applicants. Our experts provide specific recommendations to improve your chances of making it through the filtration stage.

Firstly, we take a look at your CV’s overall visual presentation and structure. Looks do matter and can be a deciding factor in shortlisting your CV. We suggest the appropriate style and formatting for your CV as well as recommend which sections to include.

Secondly, we review the textual content of your CV and highlight any spelling and grammatical mistakes. We also ensure your CV has a clear objective and uses the right keywords that employers in your industry look for. We may also highlight words and phrases that you should not use on your CV.

Finally, we guide you towards presenting your work experiences in a results-based format to showcase what sets you apart from other job applicants.

You will receive a detailed CV Review Report in PDF format once our CV Experts evaluate your CV. You will also be provided with a classic CV template that you can use as reference to rebuild your CV.

Your report will contain comments and feedback on the overall look and feel of your CV and will include examples of how certain key fields should be drafted. The report will also provide globally-accepted guidelines and best practices for drafting the ideal CV

A CV review typically takes 3-5 working days from the time we receive both your CV and order payment.

We cannot guarantee success after a CV review since the service only provides you with a list of recommendations to improve your CV. It will be up to you to follow our recommendations and suggestions.

We do have confidence your CV will get better recognition if all our recommendations are implemented.

If you are interested in having your CV professionally written by one of our CV Experts, then our CV Writing service is for you.

However with the CV Review service our CV Experts will only provide feedback on your CV and highlight key areas that you should restructure or rephrase. We will sometimes suggest alternate wording for specific phrases to make your CV stronger, but your CV will not be edited or rewritten as part of the service.

The good new is, after you receive your CV Review Report, you can opt to upgrade to one of Bayt’s CV Writing services and the CV Review charges will be fully discounted from the total charges of the CV Writing service!

Yes! If you decide to upgrade to any of our CV Writing services after receiving your final CV Review Report, the evaluation charges will be discounted from the total charges of a CV Writing service.

Please keep in mind that this discount is applicable only if you upgrade within one month of the purchase of the original CV Review service.

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