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Training Manager Salaries in UAE

Salary Range

AED 23,500

Average Monthly Compensation

Covers individuals with varied years of experience and across multiple industries

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Share of Allowances

Percentage of monthly compensation (wherever offered)

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Trainer : AED 8500

HR Senior Consultant : AED 20500

English Teacher : AED 30500

Arabic Teacher : AED 25500

Senior Teacher : AED 18500

Librarian : AED 10500

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By Years of Experience

Average monthly salary for Training Manager in UAE

AED 45000

AED 45600

AED 45000

38k from 9 companies

AED 45000

AED 30500

AED 45600

AED 30500

A18.5k from 8 companies

AED 15500

AED 45600

11-20 Years of Exp.

21-30 Years of Exp.

Training Manager Salaries in UAE Overview

Training Manager Average  salary in UAE is AED 23,500 per month, going up to AED 40,500 based on industry, job location and candidate profile. The overall figure consists of 66% basic salary and 34% allowances (housing, transport and other cash benefits). Comparing across UAE cities, Dubai offers the highest salaries for Training Manager. Salaries in UAE are tax-free.

Average Training Manager salary in UAE is AED 23,500 per month. Highest salary of Training Manager in UAE is AED 40,500 and lowest salary is AED 12,500. This is based on 26 Training Managers located in the UAE who have recently registered with GulfTalent. Latest vacancies can be found on Training Manager jobs in UAE.

A Training Manager in UAE earns AED 23,500 per month compared to Trainer (AED 8,500), Senior Consultant (AED 20,500) and Executive Housekeeper (AED 10,500).

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  • Salary estimates in this page  calculated using data provided by candidates registered on NGT.
  • Salaries for specific roles in the market may vary from the estimates provided here, depending on the industry, type of employer, responsibilities of the role and the profile of the individual.
  • Salaries in Gulf countries are exempt from income taxes.

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